What Quincy Jones Teaches Us About Being Legends, Not Just 'Influencers'


As a working creative, I often feel the pressure to have the social media metrics to be deemed an 'influencer' in order for certain doors to open, but I constantly have to ask myself what these numbers actually mean. Sometimes, it is tempting to focus on what my social media numbers look like, and while this may seem silly or trivial to others, those in the creative field can attest that these numbers can determine which doors you can walk in through. In this digital age, those numbers can sometimes overshadow talent.

But this weekend, I watched Quincy Jones documentary on Netflix, and it grounded me. Watching his story reminds me that our craft and contribution to the world is what really matters: the real life, transformational human connections that we make offline is what makes the difference.

Quincy Jones reminded me that our real job as artists, writers, and creatives is to touch and contribute to the world in a meaningful, tangible way. Building and continuing the LEGACY of those who came before us is the kind of influence we need to put our energy towards. Instead of worrying about our popularity, we need to concentrate on earning the right and honor to help fill their shoes. We must redirect our efforts into creating art that actually touches others enough to heal them. Instead of asking, “how can I shine?” we should ask, “how can I shine my light to brighten others?” Naturally, the latter will make you more luminous, because you are activating the glow of those around you.

I want to be clear, I have respect for the influencers who have succeeded in building their platforms! They too are #GOALS , but also want to encourage us all to invest more energy towards being present and impactful in real life- something we too often forget in this day and age. At the end of the day, we all have the power to influence and make a difference in someone.

So with that, let’s get to work, family. Happy Monday.

In Love and Legacy,